This Week's Picks to Break, Chosen by the HITS Editorial Staff
For the Week of: 4/18-4/25/2019
LW: 14 2W: 16 3W: -
Smith & Thell
album: Telephone Wires (EP)
track: Forgive Me Friend
Top 30 at both Alt and AAA radio. Alt leaders include WNYL, KROQ, WKQX, KITS, KTCL, KKDO, KQGO, WQMP, WEBN, KRBZ, WWCD, WMRQ. AAA leaders include WXRT, WXRV, KGSR, WRNR, WRLT. Alt92.3 Summer Open at Forest Hills Stadium 6/23. Concerts in the Park Sacramento 6/21. Lollapalooza Stockholm 2019. Have contributed to several Top 10 radio hits as writers. Their songs have been streamed 500m+ times. 37m+ current single streams. Denniz Pop Award for Best New Artist. Mgmt: Jon Allen/Buddy Allen Management; Anders Johansson/Albot & Albot