This Week's Picks to Break, Chosen by the HITS Editorial Staff
For the Week of: 7/20-7/27/2017
LW: 15 2W: 16 3W: -
Welshly Arms
album: N/A
track: Legendary
#35 at Alt radio. Stations On: Sirius Alt Nation, MCAL, WKQX, KQGO, KKDO, KHTB, WEBN-F2, KCJK, KRBZ, WLUM, WBUZ, WEDG, WZNE, KPOI, KUCD, WAQX, WLZX, KYRK, KXNA, WWWX, WKZQ, KNRQ, WGMP, WAJI. WMRQ new TW. Selling over 1k singles a week. 17m+ single streams on Spotify (1m per week). Featured on Spotify playlists Digging Now, New Noise, Dirty Rock. Consumption up 20%. Went Top 5 Shazam in Germany. Touring Midwest July & August. Syncs include Miller Beer (U.S. ad), Beck's Beer (German ad), Cleveland Indians, Fox Sports. Mgmt: Position Music