This Week's Picks to Break, Chosen by the HITS Editorial Staff
For the Week of: 10/11-10/18/2018
LW: 11 2W: 11 3W: 11
Flora Cash
Bee & El/RCA
album: Nothing Lasts Forever (And It's Fine)
track: You're Somebody Else
#12 at Alternative. Most reactive Shazam song of the year at the format. Recentyly added to Alt Custom. #1 in research at KRBZ. KKDO reported best P1 research they've ever seen with 98% passion score. #6 AAA; panel closed. 6m+ video views. 10m+ streams. Summer Euro festivals. Tour with Joywave and Sir Sly Oct-Nov. "California" went #1 HypeMachine. Nominated for two GAFFA Awards. Carson Daly 9/7. Several holiday shows on deck. Mgmt: David Bason