This Week's Picks to Break, Chosen by the HITS Editorial Staff
For the Week of: 9/6-9/12/2019
LW: 5 2W: 5 3W: 6
Ali Gatie
Warner Records
album: N/A
track: It's You
Explosive streaming story; 212m global streams since June release. #50 Spotify U.S., #32 global. #81 Apple Music U.S, #63 Global. #76 Hot 100 in tenth week. 697k+ total U.S. consumption. Platinum in Australia, Canada; gold in Ireland, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand. Spotify playlists include Today's Top Hits, Pop Rising. YouTube Artist on the Rise. Amazon Music Weekly One. #1 Shazam New Zealand. 739k+ Instagram followers. Interviewed on Travis Mills Beats 1 show. Mgmt: Wassim SAL Slaiby, Camille Delaney - SAL&CO