This Week's Picks to Break, Chosen by the HITS Editorial Staff
For the Week of: 10/3-10/10/2019
LW: 9 2W: 9 3W: 9
Tyler Childers
Hickman Holler/RCA
album: Country Squire
track: All Your'n
#24 AAA radio. Leaders include WYMS, KKXT, WYEP, KINK, WCKZ, KCSN, KGSR, KTBG, WMMM, WWCT, KRVB, KRSH, WXPN, KCMP, WRLT, WZEW, KVWF, WPYA, WCOO, KYMK, more. #1 for four consecutive weeks on Americana Album chart. 16.9m+ "All Your'n" streams. 4.6m+ video views all time. Spotify 6.9m+ streams. #1 country album. Album went #1 iTunes overall; also #1 iTunes country. Headline U.S. tour includes sold-out Red Rocks, Brooklyn Steel, L.A.'s Wiltern, more. Two-night "New Year's Eve Run 2019" at Appalachian Wireless Arena. Rolling Stone "On the Rise." Mgmt: Ian Thornton/Whizz Bang Booking