This Week's Picks to Break, Chosen by the HITS Editorial Staff
For the Week of: 09/09-09/15/2022
LW: 4 2W: 4 3W: 4
album: Smithereens
track: Glimpse of Us
Smithereens out 11/4. 12b+ global streams, 675m+ streams RTD on "Glimpse of Us," #12 at Top 40, #16 Hot AC; hit #1 U.S. & Global Spotify, Top 10 on Top 50 Global and U.S. charts; Smithereens Tour (9/1-10/20) sold out 100k+ tickets in minutes; Head in the Clouds (8/20), iii Points Festival ++ (10/22); featured in RS, NYT, FADER, more. Booking: Sara Bollwinkel, Evan Hancock, Nate Sokolski, Daniel Lee/Wasserman. Mgmt: Ollie Zhang, Anders Borge & Sean Miyashiro/88rising