Recorded-music revenue in the U.S. grew to $7.7b in retail value in the first half of 2022, a 9% spike over 2021, RIAA Chairman/CEO Mitch Glazier reported today.

Paid subscriptions—which topped 90m for the first time—continue to lead the way; they comprise nearly two-thirds of total revenue, up 10% to $5b. In wholesale value, revenue grew 8% to $4.9b.

Streaming revenue from paid subscriptions, ad-supported services and other formats, including short-form video, social-media platforms and fitness apps, account for 84%—$6.5b—of revenue. The segment is up 10%.

Advertising-supported on-demand streaming-music revenue, including services like YouTube and the ad-supported versions of Spotify, Facebook and TikTok, grew 16% by revenue to $871m. Digital and customized-radio-service revenue decreased by 3% to $566m.

Vinyl continues to blossom as a category as sales increased by 22% to $570m, building on the format’s growth in 2021. Vinyl’s share of the physical market increased from 68% to 73%. Revenue from CDs fell 2% to $200m, accounting for 26% of physical revenue.

“Today’s report is good news for artists, songwriters, streaming services and fans—everyone with a stake in music’s future. We truly are seeing the power of recorded music’s rising tide to lift all boats across the music family,” Glazier said on Medium.

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