UPDATE: Lauren Spencer-Smith's "Fingers Crossed" had an incredible first day, reaching #1 on iTunes, #2 at Apple Music and #15 on Spotify U.S.

It should be noted that the song didn't hit Spotify until 10am ET on 1/5, leaving nearly a half-day's worth of streams on the table. The track has been added to the Pop Rising playlist for its first complete day on the platform.


Canadian prospect Lauren Spencer-Smith joins Muni Long in the pop firmament as the latest indie breakout to top DSPs in 2022; her "Fingers Crossed" soared to #1 on iTunes and into the Top 10 at Apple Music mere hours after its official release Wednesday.

While it may seem like the two heat-seeking tracks have generated overnight success for these acts, neither is a stranger to the biz, and both have traveled a unique development path.

U.K.-born Spencer-Smith was nominated for a Juno for Adult Contemporary Album of the Year and appeared on American Idol in 2020. Veteran talent source David Ehrlich, who's been managing the teen, is currently navigating discussions with labels (and dodging phone calls from HITS). The artist has amassed a loyal following of 2.7m fans on TikTok, where she teased "Fingers Crossed" in late 2021. The snippet went viral and was instantly validated by a nuclear response on DSPs.

The song is treading territory similar to that of Long's "Hrs and Hrs," which was also issued independently, on SuperGiant, and is streaming up a storm at Apple Music. Long first made waves as a go-to songwriter signed to Warner Chappell under her real name, Priscilla Renea. With the explosion of "Hrs," however, she is quickly becoming better known as the former. The song resides on Public Displays of Affection, released 11/19. Long is co-managed by biz vet Chris Anokute and Rashad Taylor .

Where will these breakthroughs break through to? Stay tuned—and stay off I-95.