Adele recently sat down for an in-depth interview with Apple Music's ever-enthusiastic Zane Lowe; the convo went live on Apple Music 1 at 1pm ET/10am PT.

Check the trailer below, in which the Columbia megastar addresses how motherhood informed the creative process of new album 30 (which drops on 11/19).

During the conversation, Adele also spoke about reconnecting with her music after leaving her marriage, parenting through divorce, how the album’s creation process helped her and more.

On when she initially wanted to release 30: "I wanted it to come out last year, obviously. And, when I drunkedly announced it at my best friend’s wedding on the stage. Expect my album in September, to a room full of people I don't f***ing know. But, I wouldn't know I'd be announcing it to everyone that already pretty much knew anyway. Who the f**k did I think I was? It would've been done by then. I hadn't done the orchestras yet. And, I hadn't finalized all of my BVs and stuff like that. But, it would have, had the world not shut down.

On considering not releasing 30: "There were moments, when I was writing these songs, and even when I was mixing them and stuff like that, where I was like, ‘Maybe I don't need to put this album out.’ Like maybe I should write another. Just because music is my therapy. I'm never going into the studio to be like, ‘Right, I need another hit.’ It's not like that for me. When something is more powerful and overwhelming than me, I like to go to a studio because it's normally a basement and there's no f***ing windows and no reception, so no one can get ahold of me. So I'm basically running away. And no one would've known I'd written that record. And it's like maybe I just had to get it out of my system and stuff."

Adele's "Easy on Me" is currently #2 on Apple Music's overall singles chart.