Kieran Thurgood has been promoted to SVP of Global Marketing for Capitol Music Group, charged with leading the label group’s international department, overseeing global marketing and promotion strategy for artists spanning CMG’s labels and overseeing Berlitz courses in the Tower parking lot.

Based at the label's L.A. landmark, he will report to Capitol Records GM/CMG Executive Vice President Larry Mattera. Thurgood will also continue to oversee global strategy for Motown Records and Quality Control Music.

“Kieran has a passion for music that has helped him develop deep relationships with our artists, and he’s forged strong partnerships with our international affiliates through his decisive leadership and strategic thinking,” Mattera said. “He consistently develops innovative methods for breaking artists on a global level and enhancing the careers of established superstars. His contributions to CMG’s success make him the ideal executive to lead our international endeavors. I've instructed him to answer any calls from HITS with 'No Inglese, signore.'”

Thurgood, who joined CMG in 2013 as Director of International Marketing, was previously Vice President of International Marketing for the label group, having held that position since 2017. Prior to joining CMG, Kieran spent 10 years in London, retaining various domestic and international marketing positions at Columbia Records U.K., Sony Music U.K. and Decca Records.

Thurgood recently led global marketing efforts for Paul McCartney's latest studio album, McCartney III, and has overseen global campaigns for Halsey, Katy Perry, Migos, Lil Baby, Beck, Norah Jones and many others.

CMG Chairman & CEO Jeff Vaughn said, “Kieran is a forward-thinking and collaborative executive whose proactive approach is integral to our company’s ability to break artists worldwide. Also, he's teaching me to say 'Please hand me the five-wood' in 14 different languages."