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Sony Music Publishing has partnered with Silence the Shame to launch The Soundtrack of Mental Health, a global multi-year program that will offer educational trainings and support around mental health to songwriters, employees and the greater music community.

As a part of Sony Music Group’s Global Social Justice fund, Sony Music Publishing will launch the trainings in April; they will also be made available to Sony Music Entertainment.

Created by Silence the Shame and its founder Shanti Das, The Soundtrack of Mental Health will offer a wide range of workshops for self-care, including coping techniques, stress and anxiety management, and a wellness curriculum for leaders.

The program will also offer trainings for mental health awareness and suicide prevention to educate managers and fellow employees on how to notice and support an individual in a mental health crisis. Silence the Shame plans to train 10,000 creatives, musicians and executives by 2023.

“The past year has put a spotlight on how we treat mental health in our industry, and overall society—we must break the stigma and be proactive in our support,” Sony Music Publishing Chairman and CEO Jon Platt said.This partnership with Shanti and Silence the Shame will help Sony Music Publishing, and the greater music community, openly promote mental health care and create a healthier culture for songwriters and employees.”

Das’ nonprofit organization has been working throughout the music industry since 2016, promote proper mental health training and awareness among artists, employees and executives.