The copyright gold rush has hit the mass market. In the wake of the historically huge catalog deals recently done by private concerns, Royalty Exchange is launching a new public platform, The eXchange. It encompasses RE’s preexisting Secondary Market, which allows investors to bid on catalogs, and Direct Listings, which lets rightsholders publicly list catalogs and other copyrights at a set price. The last three months have seen $36m+ in offers.

The eXchange expands the access of individual investors to catalogs, percentages of songs, producer points, movie royalties and more. Creators have complete control over which royalties they list; how much of their catalogs they list; the window for investors to collect royalties prior to reversion; and, of course, the price rightsholders will accept.

“The eXchange is designed to help creators tap into the investor frenzy for music royalties while providing more control and flexibility than they’ve had in the past,” said Royalty Exchange partner Anthony Martini. “This gives all creators the ability to benefit from today’s catalog-acquisition spree, not just the 1% of artists the big funds focus on.”

In a related story, if anyone wants to own 33% of the song we wrote about our kitty, get in touch.