“What the World Needs Now,” just as much as it did when Burt Bacharach’s aching masterpiece was first recorded, is love, sweet love. That’s the thinking behind Primary Wave’s announcement that this and other timeless songs will be offered pro bono to the American Red Cross as part of a new “Giving Back” partnership.

Kicked off on 12/3 with a powerful PSA and social video featuring the Bacharach-penned classic, the campaign will support the many disaster-relief efforts of the Red Cross. It’s easy to forget, with COVID raging, the economy teetering and the President off in authoritarian Cloudcuckooland, that scores of people are also coping with the aftermath of devastating wildfires, hurricanes and other natural disasters.

A compilation video featuring Smokey Robinson, Leona Lewis, Tori Kelly and Sam Fischer singing “What the World Needs Now” accompanies the PSA on the socials; that rendition (viewable below, and produced by PW's Jon Levine) is available for purchase, with all proceeds going to the Red Cross.

Primary Wave hopes that lending the use of this and other timeless songs, free of cost, to the humanitarian mission of the American Red Cross will inspire hope and resilience in survivors—and spark the generosity of the larger community.

“Musically, we aim to align ourselves with timeless icons, and the team at the American Red Cross is beyond that status. They are heroes,” notes PW COO Ramon Villa, who pledged that "this collaboration is just the first of many.” Red Cross exec Selma Bouhl added that amid the year's many challenges, “Primary Wave’s powerful music catalogue and roster of artists will help us shed light on humanitarian needs and provide hope for the future.”

Primary Wave’s President of Branding and Marketing Jeff Straughn told Adweek, “As a company, we looked more closely at how we could do more with what we control. Earlier this year, I felt that the Red Cross made sense, and it would better if we created a long-term relationship to help raise more money. And if we’re building equity with some amazing creative from BBDO, using our music, then I think we’re making something special.”

What the World Needs Now from American Red Cross on Vimeo.

“It was an honor to cover this classic Bacharach song for such a beautiful cause,” reads a quote from music icon Robinson. “We have all gone through a lot this year and together with the American Red Cross, we're hoping to show that the only thing a disaster can’t destroy is your hope. Please spread the love.”