Def Jam is jumping into their 35th year with the release of the UNDISPUTED compilation, which features the newest class of their roster's talent. That's due out 3/8.

Expect the ongoing rollout of new music from Def Jam's next gen, including the Bay Area’s Sneakk and Lul G of SOBxRBE, Brooklyn MC Fetty Luciano, Cleveland’s YFL Kelvin, Harlem rappers TJ Porter and Dominic Lord, Georgia-based 17-year old Bernard Jabs, Jacksonville-based 18-year old YK Osiris, Minneapolis’ Nimic Revenue and others. Coincidentally, "Fetty Luciano" is still what we ask for when we're stoned and craving Italian food.

“During the course of the past year, in collaboration with our talented EVP Steven Victor and our incredible team of executives, we have worked diligently to define the label we strive to become,” said Def Jam chairman & CEO Paul Rosenberg. "One of the most important aspects of our efforts has centered around building a new roster."

“I’m beyond excited about the roster of new artists we’ve built here at Def Jam," added EVP and Head of A&R Victor. "We’ve brought them together and asked them to buy into something larger, the Def Jam logo and legacy. It’s remarkable to see how much these artists have embraced it. I couldn’t be more proud of the results.”

The arrival of the compilation album will be accompanied by an eight-part “Undisputed” documentary film series. The project was created by Def Jam’s new in-house creative content team, who chronicled several week-long "Rap Camps" that put Def Jam's new recruits and esteemed A&R staff in an L.A. recording studio for a week of beats, rhymes and mayhem as they collaborated creatively and defined their sound.

Check out a preview here: