Could Taylor Swift's summer get any hotter? Between her massively successful Eras Tour, merch mania and updated albums, the Republic megastar is simply crushing 2023—and her streaming numbers are off the hook. Swift's YTD streams total has crossed the 9b mark in the U.S. and 23b globally, while she averages in the neighborhood of 100m monthly listeners on Spotify. Her average daily streams are hovering around 110m. (Compare this to Drake, who's been the biggest streaming artist in the biz for the last several years; his U.S. YTD streams are 5.4b+ and global streams sit at 9.48b+, which would be jaw-dropping in any other context.)

Swift is wrapping up six sold-out nights at L.A.'s SoFi Stadium, with more than 70k people in attendance at each event. She's also added multiple North American dates in 2024, ensuring that The Eras Tour will be the highest-grossing in music history. In related news, we're told HITS COO Todd Hensley still hasn't taken off his 927 Tay-themed friendship bracelets.