“OK, we’re gonna do a reverse hook-and-ladder and then a Statue of Liberty at the 30-yard line,” Crush Music CMO Dan Kruchkow instructs the members of Fall Out Boy during this photo op with NFL Head of Music Seth Dudowsky. “Then Pete hides the ball under his shirt and the rest of you create a diversion with your seltzer bottles. You know these plays—let’s execute. Break!” In other news, FOB performed for a 60k+ crowd during the first round of the NFL draft on 4/27, earning a huge look (and listen) on NFL socials and weekend TV, notably for new single “Hold Me Like a Grudge,” the follow-up to Alternative monster “Love From the Other Side.” The band’s world tour of stadiums and amphitheaters is off to a great start with multiple sellouts. Seen wondering why we haven’t been benched are (l-r) Kruchkow, FOB’s Joe Trohman and Pete Wentz, Dudowsky, FOB’s Patrick Stump, Crush Head of Partnerships Aaron Matusow and FOB’s Andy Hurley.