Famed L.A. recording studio Sound Factory has launched a label, which bears the curious moniker Sound Factory Records. Housed in the studio complex—a favorite of such artists as Doja Cat, Lizzo and SZA—it's now serving as an incubation space for the imprint's first signee, Jordi, as well as offices for the team.

Jordi gained traction on TikTok in 2019. She released her debut single, "Hate You," last month. In addition to being the #1-trending song on Snapchat, it's already racked up more than 3m streams and landed on playlists curated by Spotify, Apple, Pandora and YouTube.

Sound Factory Records partner Leo Mellace co-wrote and co-produced the song following his success developing and co-producing Nessa Barrett (Warner), including the gold certification of her "la di die" f/jxdn.

Watch the "Hate You" video below. Rumors that we inspired the song title remain unconfirmed—and will remain so if we have anything to say about it. In a related story, we found some unusual baked goods in the Sound Factory minifridge and are now starting to dissociate.