Warner's Dua Lipa has broken the record for the longest-running song on Spotify's flagship playlist, Today's Top Hits. "Levitating" has passed day 288, enjoying nearly 10 months in the Top 15.

Now at more than 4.5m in total activity (U.S.), the track in its original incarnation has more than 1b combined global streams on Spotify; then there are the streams of the remix with DaBaby. Today's Top Hits has contributed to 125m+ streams for "Levitating."

The recording, which also broke new ground at Pop radio earlier this year, is currently contending for the biggest song of the year, trailing only Olivia Rodrigo's "drivers license" at the midway point.

"Levitating" was an immediate favorite on Future Nostalgia, released in March 2020. It was serviced to radio in October 2020 and is still burning up streaming charts in summer 2021. How's that for nostalgia?