New York has announced it will fully reopen on 5/19, but don’t expect every club and theater to be packed to capacity just yet.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo ran through a litany of businesses and venues that may reopen at full capacity come 5/19, mentioning theaters, amusement parks, restaurants and museums. There’s a caveat, however: The state will still be following CDC guidelines requiring six feet of distance between patrons.

The six-foot rule is dropped, though, if a venue or event requires attendees to be fully vaccinated or have recent negative test results.

New York, along with New Jersey and Connecticut, will lift outdoor curfews on restaurants on 5/17 and indoor curfews 5/31. Beginning 5/19, capacity for indoor catered events doubles to 500.

Sports arenas and stadiums will be allowed to operate at 33% capacity on the 19th. Maybe Francisco Lindor will get a hit by then.

Cuomo's update follows NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's saying the city will be fully operational by 7/1. As usual, the two are not on the same page.

Getting around the city at all hours will be made easier 5/17 when the subway resumes 24-hour service. How long those cars stay bright and shiny is anyone’s guess.