Spotify is throwing its weight behind unsigned Canadian pop act JESSIA; her body-positivity anthem, "I'm Not Pretty," has been added to Today's Top Hits and graces the cover of Pop Rising.

JESSIA's viral story started on 1/1, when she posted a clip of her singing a hook she wrote on the fly for her TikTok followers. That turned into the chorus of "I'm Not Pretty." The very next day she began collaborating with producer/artist Elijah Woods, and the two documented and shared the process with their TikTok fans. Offically released on 1/8, the track is now exploding on Spotify.

"I'm Not Pretty" was added to TTH on 1/22. Senior Editor of Spotify Canada Gregg Henderson commented, "Our Canadian team has been keeping a close eye on JESSIA, having seen great potential in her earlier songs while working with her team. We were instantly blown away by 'I'm not Pretty.'

"We added it to various Canadian pop playlists upon the song’s release on 1/8 and quickly saw that it was reacting with fans and had big potential. We worked closely with our Global Hits team, who then added the song to our biggest playlist, Today’s Top Hits, as well as putting JESSIA on the cover of Pop Rising. We always strive to spotlight local emerging artists on a global level and are excited for fans around the world to discover JESSIA through Spotify’s worldwide reach."

Manager Jason "JR" Antoine is taking calls from everyone in the biz. Representing JESSIA for legal is Canadian attorney Sander Shalinsky, who guided XO and The Weeknd early in their career.

Get in on the ground floor with JESSIA's "I'm Not Pretty" below.