Jake Posner will head the New York office of Neil Jacobson's new management company Hallwood Media. Posner brings with him A R I Z O N A, producer PJ Bianco and songwriter Chelsea Balan.

"Jake is one of the most well-liked people in the music business for good reason," said Jacobson, who stepped down from the presidency of Geffen Records in January. "I've seen his ability to communicate and build relationships throughout the industry and bridge incredible gaps for his artists. I really couldn't think of a better person to lead Hallwood's expansion to New York."

As SVP, Posner will run Hallwood Media's New York operation, which will focus on both producer/songwriter management and the city’s media landscape.

Jacobson intends to quickly expand its regional footprint outside of its headquarters in Los Angeles. "As a very proud New Yorker,” he says, “I want to instill and reinforce the notion that New York is just as viable of an option for songwriters, producers and artists alike."