UPDATE: 6ix9ine has been granted early release from the NY prison facility he was serving his 2-year sentence. The polarizing rapper will serve the remainder of his sentence from his home—a court-issued 4 months of home incarceration.

He will have a GPS monitor and must remain at his address. Tekashi can only leave for medical visits or pre-approved visits with legal counsel. Judge Engelmayer ruled Thursday afternoon that the release would be affective immediately.

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, 6ix9ine's representatives asked the courts to grant an early, "compassionate release," to allow him to serve the rest of his imprisonment via home confinement.

Judge Engelmayer asked that the Government give permission to grant his request for home confinement by 5pm ET. The Government responded rather promptly, and ruled there was "no opposition to the request."

Tekashi now waits for Judge Engelmayer's ruling on if and when he will be released from prison. According to Inner City Press, "Now it seems he will be ordered released sometime after this 2 pm letter from the U.S. Attorney."

According to 6ix9ine attorney Lance Lazzaro, the initial expected released for the rapper was July-August based on time served and good behavior.