UPDATE: 6ix9ine was sentenced to 24 months in prison Wednesday afternoon in New York. The trial lasted 13 months, which will count towards the rapper's time served. The lenient sentence was expected and requested by 6ix9ine's team for his cooperation in taking down the Nine Trey Bloods gang.

UPDATE: In a recent interview following the trial, the rapper's lawyer Lance Lazzaro stated "he knows he'll be home in July," counting time served and assuming his good behavior behind bars will allow him to only serve a fraction of his sentence. Tekashi could be released as soon as mid 2020.

Before announcing his verdict, Judge Engelmayer scolded Daniel Hernandez (6ix9ine) for his violent, reckless and selfish history. "Apart from the number and vengefulness of these attacks, there's also that they were to benefit you. Before you, the gang didn't fight with rap entourages. They had no independent interest in going after musicians and their management groups.

"You used Nine Trey as a potent means of getting even with your rivals. You claim you "foolishly commingled with members of the gang" - but it's more than that. The attacks would not have happened without you."

Judge Engelmayer then went on to praise Hernandez's cooperation, referring to him as courageous, and expressed his confidence in 6ix9ine's future: "I do not expect you to be tempted to commit violence again. If you do, I am the judge in your case. And your economic self interest. You have struck a lucrative deal. The situation is unusual. You are very fortunate. You will land on your feet."

The Judge closed the day stating "Mr Hernandez, the worst part is over. There is a great deal to be admired about you. You're learned a hard lesson here. I wish you very very well. We are adjourned."

Wednesday will be judgment day for Tekashi 6ix9ine, as he will receive sentencing for his racketeering case for involvement with the Nine Trey Bloods gang. The rapper struck a plea deal, and, while pleading guilty for many charges, he cooperated with authorities in taking down shot-calling gang members.

Although he faces up to 47 years behind bars if found guilty, 6ix9ine and prosecutors have written letters to the judge asking for a lenient verdict due to his cooperation with the feds—leading some legal experts to predict he may even be granted freedom.

It has been more than a year since 6ix9ine was initially indicted. Just two months ago, the rapper signed a new record deal rumored to be worth more than $10m for two albums. His last album, Dummy Boy, debuted at #2 despite a midweek release; it's done 1m in total activity.

As social media, fans and haters anticipate 6ix9ine's judgment day, many are wondering what comes next for the rapper. Does he go into witness protection? Will he immediately release new music? If sentenced, how long will he have to serve? One thing's for sure, his notoriety has never been higher.