In our new semi-regular feature, we shine a light on tracks that are buzzing in all the right places and pinging the radar. Don't take our word for it—just check out the numbers...

Powfu "death bed" f/beabadoobee (Columbia/Robots and Humans)

Powfu's "death bed" has become a TikTok sensation garnering well over 1.5m videos within the app. The song is built around beabadoobee's breezy love song, "Coffee," which Powfu samples throughout the track. Although it first hit streaming platforms in 2019, "death bed" was taken down due to clearance purposes until in resurfaced in February of 2020.

"death bed" has since shot up the charts at DSPs. It's currently Top 20 at Soundcloud, just entered the Top 25 on Spotify's Global chart and has reached a peak of #35 on Spotify's U.S. chart. Since its release on 2/9, the song is already over 150k in activity while approaching 10m weekly streams. The track has been added to pop flagship playslists Today's Hits at Apple Music and Today's Top Hits at Spotify.

The TikTok craze that has ensued with the song isn't a dance; while the Canadian rapper tells the story of a lover saying goodbye (via breakup and/or death), users have been creating videos to the song in which one friend confesses their love to their best friend.

Listen to "death bed" below, and see what has fans in their feelings.