In our new semi-regular feature, we shine a light on tracks that are buzzing in all the right places and pinging the radar. Don't take our word for it—just check out the numbers.


Pop duo Colin Padalecki and Forest Frank have leaned into a sonically positive sound in Surfaces. Their resonating track, "Sunday Best," has been slowly climbing the Spotify U.S. chart. Tuesday it reached a new peak, landing at #35. The action started about a month ago, when the DSP placed "Sunday Best" on Today's Top Hits. The track has amassed 60m streams (U.S.), and continues to be on pace for the upper reaches of the U.S. streaming chart. It's earning nearly 10m Global streams per week on Spotify alone. At TikTok, the song has generated over 1.5m videos.

Check out the good vibes from "Sunday Best" that's undoubtedly connecting with pop fans.