We’re hearing that Mike Tierney, whose resume is longer than the Magna Carta, has officially been dubbed Global Head of Programming at Amazon.

Said Director Ryan Redington: "In this role, Mike will report directly to me and be responsible for setting our global programming strategy while working closely with each territory lead to ensure we are delivering a great localized programming experience for our customers. As many of you know, Mike joined us less than a year ago and I have been incredibly impressed with his programming prowess. I am really excited to see him evolve our programming strategy in 2020."

The highly respected industry mensch, who got his start in radio and is pictured here with his close, personal buddy Diddy, has held the Head of U.S. Music Programming role there since April. Before that, he'd been at Apple for almost three years.

Most people pick up hobbies when they get bored, but apparently that's never been enough for the man of many hats, who also happens to be an avid runner and cat appreciator.