UPDATE: "Roxanne" is now #2 at Apple Music and Top 5 at Spotify. It's also started selling, moving into the top 40 at iTunes.

UPDATE: Zervas' team consists of manager Quentin Gatto and attorney Josh Kamen.

The biz is buzzing about independent breakthrough Arizona Zervas. The rapper's hot track "Roxanne" has reached the top 25 on Spotify's daily U.S. streaming chart.

First making an impression as a TikTok viral dance groundswell, once "Roxanne" was added to Today's Top Hits by Spotify curators, the track caught fire. It is now generating over 1m streams daily on the platform, and has every major player in the biz aggressively pursuing Zervas for a deal.

Global Hits Lead at Spotify, Becky Bass explains how they took action: ""Our team started watching Arizona Zervas more closely at the top of the week, with an initial add on Tuesday onto the Internet People playlist, one of our primary testing grounds for viral tracks. By Wednesday, though, the activity on the song was undeniable across daily streams, search activity, social media, and other key indicators. We made the global decision to act quickly and move "ROXANNE" into Today’s Top Hits. We’re excited to watch the story develop, and always love to be able to support new artists across Spotify."

How long before someone closes and how far can this track go on its own? Stay tuned...