IVANA: i heard you liked “my” movie

LENNY: yes i did, johnny depp as willy wonka as karen glauber, awesome. altho march of the penguins was even better, and none of them look like you

IVANA: i wear mostly black and i waddle too


Today’s Meal Includes Bread, Cake, Caesars Salad and Alphabet Soup, With a Spoon
LENNY: hey, you think i can get back in the column loop this week? i know i am not as heavy as dave beasing, but i am older
IVANA: I can't find beasing anyway--I think he's too busy celebrating kbzt's spring book
LENNY: how'd they do? tell
IVANA: 2.0-2.8 12+, #4 18-34 overall, #1 rock station 18-34
LENNY: garett must be dancing in the streets
IVANA: the non-Interpol station in the market went 2.5-2.1. i had a lot of time to listen to both stations during the 7+ hour drive to san diego and back on friday for comic-con. nothing makes me feel sexier than being in a convention center with 50,000 40 year-old male virgins
LENNY: sounds like a commercial for the new steve carell movie
IVANA: it would be, if everybody in his movie is dressed like a stormtrooper
LENNY: was claudio there from coheed & cambria
IVANA: of course, as was the rest of the band. i was there to see them do a signing for claudio's new comic book. lots of cute emo kids waiting on line for hours to meet coheed
LENNY: well, sounds like your cousin had quite the day
IVANA: yeah, my 17 year-old cousin is staying with me for a few weeks and she wants to do and see everything
LENNY: did she meet weezer and bravery in atlanta?
IVANA: we've already gone to see rob dickinson from catherine wheel play at the hotel cafe, met rev run and russell simmons, hung with coheed in san diego, fall out boy last night at jimmy kimmel, and yes, we also went to atlanta to see the bravery and weezer
LENNY: jessica must be having a blast, what are her favorite bands?
IVANA: things i take for granted, like backstage access, being on the stage during the set, being in the room for an on-air interview, are all new experiences for her. she thinks i'm "important." hah! if she only knew!
LENNY: i think you ignored my question. you wouldn't have done that to dave beasing
IVANA: 99x is doing a summer series called downtown rocks which is free for "freeloaders." the first week they had cake, caesars, stereophonics. last week was second shift, dead 60s, bravery and weezer, which drew between 40,000-50,000! it was crazy! jessica likes what i tell her to like. she lives in raleigh, which isn't exactly a bastion of great radio
LENNY: so, she likes spoon, interpol, bravery and hopefully tegan & sara?
IVANA: she loves coheed. loves loves loves
LENNY: wow wow wow, i do as well.... i actually went to their show at the Avalon. they are amazing
IVANA: it's interesting, she listens to aol radio and just started listening to launch. she likes that there aren’t any commercials
IVANA: she likes that there isn't any commercials. on our flight back from atlanta, there was xm satellite on the flight
LENNY: how was that, i haven't heard it yet
IVANA: i was listening to the prog rock, indie rock and "fred," the deep alternative classics channels. jessica was listening to "ethel," the alternative hits channel. i started listening to “the loft,” which mike marrone programs, but there was a poco special and i wasn't interested
IVANA: i thought the indie rock channel, xmu, was especially good
LENNY: speaking of things that are good, howzabout what's happening with fall out boy, it's huge
IVANA: i know. that band is very savvy. howie and christine already has 99x, wxtm and kqxr in on "sugar, we're going down" this week
LENNY: it looks like a #1 to me
IVANA: i hope gorillaz "feel good, inc." goes to #1
LENNY: that looks like a lock to me
IVANA: nobody heard that record at first, just like there were few initial supporters on fall out boy. green day is making a move with the 36th single from american idiot
LENNY: american idiot is all hits
IVANA: the PoMo format is beginning to lean more mainstream rock again. i want to take the rest of the summer off because of it
LENNY: what would you do with your free time?
IVANA: work
LENNY: makes total sense to me. any records breaking this week at radio of interest?
IVANA: this week it's all about our lady peace, chevelle, system (go sony), nine inch nails, trapt, weezer, etc.
LENNY: whattabout the fray, that one seems to be building a buzz?
IVANA: so yes, the fray is building nicely--new adds this week at wpbz, kwod and wrox. and jacqueline has a monster record with matisyahu "king without a crown." i love the augustana song, which reminds me of "sing" by travis. i'm seeing jacqueline tomorrow, in fact. with any luck she'll have new franz ferdinand for me to hear!
LENNY: so, it sounds like epic will be having a busy summer
IVANA: indeed. by the way, your favorite set of twins, tegan & sara, have a new single, "speak slow," which was added at whtg, krbz and 91x. kedj added “I won’t be left.”
LENNY: if it were me, i'd add the entire album. they are using "walking with a ghost" on baseball games when people "walk." i heard it on the dodger game the other day, i flipped out
IVANA: my pal sean at live105 thinks dredg's "bug eyes" is a hit
LENNY: that song is awesome and i see that it was added at wbru today. it seems to be breaking out of major markets
IVANA: indeed. want to know some other hits-in-the-making?
LENNY: yes ma'am i do
IVANA: spoon's "i turn my camera" on is #1 phones at krzq reno and scored quite impressively in its first batch of callout at kbzt
LENNY: you know i like all the utensil bands
IVANA: garett compares it to the white stripes "seven nation army"
LENNY: i hope it gets that big
IVANA: also, cake's cover of bread's "the guitar man" is a massive callout hit at 99x, with phones also at krox, whrl, cd101
LENNY: when i think alternative, i think bread.... and i also like all the food bands—they go well with the utensil bands
IVANA: where's beasing when i need him
LENNY: he is very knowledgeable, whereas i am what i am
IVANA: yes popeye. so what do you think about news corp buying myspace.com for $580million?
LENNY: i wish he'd buy hitsdailydouble.com
IVANA: we don't have enough readers that could be influenced by rupert murdoch's conservative agenda, not that i don't subscribe to the new york post. in fact, in the post i read that workers waste over 2 hours/day surfing the internet
LENNY: excuse me, i'll be right back, i am looking for clippers updates online
IVANA: what? i'm looking at c&c california t-shirts on sale at shopbop.com. i heard you liked “my” movie
LENNY: yes i did, johnny depp as willy wonka as karen glauber, awesome. altho, march of the penguins was even better, and none of them look like you
IVANA: i wear mostly black and i waddle too
LENNY: what did kroq add today?
IVANA: 311 and switchfoot. you’re speechless
IVANA: you're speechless
LENNY: yes
IVANA: i was watching fall out boy play a set after their kimmel performance and couldn't help but be grateful that, although i'm sliding into my 10th year out of the demo, i'm glad that when i was my cousin's age i was going to see bands like the who
LENNY: and that u won't get fooled again
IVANA: i'm taking her to see robert plant on sunday
LENNY: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
IVANA: i also have tickets to see james taylor at the hollywood bowl... that usually perks you up
IVANA: have you been watching rock star: inxs?
LENNY: nope. i have been watching the yankees surge back into first place
IVANA: every contestant on the show sucks
LENNY: so did the yanks until two weeks ago
IVANA: william hung would be a better frontperson for inxs than any of the finalists
LENNY: i vote for lee leipsner
IVANA: good idea. he'd look the part for sure.
LENNY: yep, he looks great in our cartoon version of the show. any other music u'd like to discuss before we close for the week
IVANA: greg seese just sent me an IM virus called "sexy fun." in the words of green day, wake me up when september ends...
LENNY: sexy fun to me is making a par at golf.... so, say goodnight, gracie
IVANA: goodnight gracie