Ivana: so ted knows who won and won't tell me
LENNY: but ted is having a very good week. i think that morningwood could be a smash, even tho it has a female lead singer. which is a no-no, except when it isn't
Ivana: like evanescence and garbage
LENNY: eggsactly.


But They Know Who Is Ready—Like Arcade Fire, Kaiser Chiefs, Aqualung, Morningwood, Coheed, The Bravery and the Clippers
Just before last week’s big musical event—the naming of the new lead singer of INXS—Ivana corralled Capitol’s Ted Volk, who knew something she didn’t. Ivana can't stand it when somebody knows something she doesn't…

Ivana: hey ted, lenny is busy figuring out how badly the clippers are going to suck this year, can you fill in until he's ready?
TedVolk: it would be an honor ....but he feels they will win 50 games this year! yes, the clippers!
Ivana: the delusion will dissipate once the season kicks off. how was your week?
TedVolk: well i got my wife into the rock star: inxs finale...so that was a good score for me
Ivana: howie miura loves that show too. who is your pick?
TedVolk: well i now know the winner so that wouldn’t be fair....but that house band is really good
TedVolk: I do
Ivana: c'mon, let's ruin it for everybody!
TedVolk: kelly had to sign a confidentiality agreement....so I don’t want to take on mark burnett’s lawyers
Ivana: all of them have a great future in the touring companies of rent and pippin
TedVolk: lol
Ivana: i love the show for the train wreck aspects of it but it really does make you appreciate michael hutchence
it’s unreal the amount of hits they had...who wrote all those songs?
Ivana: michael idlis
TedVolk: that explains a lot to me
Ivana: i sure do love your records, especially morningwood and ok go
TedVolk: morningwood is so much fun! 6 weeks ago it started with jay harren and now 150 spins later it’s still kicking butt for him
Ivana: wow. nice adds this week at 91x, wwcd, wbtz, kucd and wcyy! and don’t tell anybody you’re having fun at work. you’ll ruin it for the rest of us. have you learned the ok go dance yet?
TedVolk: i am trying...damian is teaching it to me right now.....
Ivana: good luck with that. what else are you excited about?.
TedVolk: wait till everyone hears the new yellowcard! the first single is "light and sounds" and it rocks!
Ivana: pomo radio should play them. fall out boy’s success at radio was paved by yellowcard.
TedVolk: they have made a perfect song for the modern rock format. pomo radio helped us a launch a record that sold 1.5 million. what’s your favorite right now?
Ivana: i just saw arcade fire again, so i'm a bit obsessed with trying to get radio on board. and interpol is headlining the greek tonight, so i'm obviously excited about that! i would love to see them every single night if i could. lenny doesn't understand that. oops, he's ready to join this. thanks for your time!
TedVolk: see ya

Ivana: so ted knows who won rock star: inxs and won't tell me
LENNY: but ted is having a very good week, i think that morningwood could be a smash. it pulls phones, even tho it has a female lead singer. which is a no-no, except when it isn't
Ivana: like evanescence and garbage
LENNY: eggsactly. so, how was the kbzt show last weekend?
Ivana: um, you were there
LENNY: oh yeah, my short-term memory is going. i like halloran, he's a good guy
Ivana: i was at kroq inland invasion the day before
LENNY: oh, was i there, too?
Ivana: no, you don't do the “909.” kroq sold a lot of tickets and, as expected, weezer ruled the night
LENNY: kinda like interpol in san diego
Ivana: they did very well
LENNY: and kinda like korn at radio this week
Ivana: sherri thinks the new single sounds like the band laibach
LENNY: bill carroll goes from #1 with gorillaz to #1 most added with korn, he must be happy. and wait til people hear kt tunstall, good times
Ivana: AND he and howard got another four adds on 30 seconds to mars. which is a massive call-out hit at wxtm
LENNY: and how about coheed & cambria, big radio, big video, big sales... huge band
Ivana: huge hair
LENNY: cerrito, dimaio and risa are having a field day with this one
Ivana: and switchfoot debuted this week on the pomo chart
LENNY: and in the top five on the album sales chart
Ivana: coheed was added this week at kpnt, kxrk, wocl, wdyl and a bunch more
LENNY: and is pulling big big phones. but as you pointed out, not as big as claudio's hair
Ivana: franz ferdinand is getting big phones. i love that song
LENNY: does it make u get up and dance?
Ivana: hah--i was just talking to ted about the ok go dance video. it’s an internet phenom
LENNY: I HAVE AN IMPORTANT QUESTION... will kaiser chiefs be a hit this time? i love that song
Ivana: if anybody can make kaiser chiefs a hit again, it's mark czarra and stephanie harty
LENNY: go mark, go steph. mark golfs, we love mark
Ivana: remember the band socialburn? they have a new song called "touch the sky" that radio likes a lot. jonathan lev sent it to me. we just heard some great news. kroq added the bravery's "unconditional!"
LENNY: SMASH KILLER AWESOME.... have you seen the saturn spot that uses that song?
Ivana: i have. have you seen the motorola commercial where iggy is stuffing the bravery into a phone booth?
LENNY: yes, the bravery are all over television
Ivana: and radio!
LENNY: this is a good thing
Ivana: i had a blast with the bravery this weekend at the kroq and kbzt shows
LENNY: they are big stars in the making.... following the my chemical romance pace
Ivana: lorraine at jive has a band called the living things. i bet you a week's worth of coffee bean & tea leaf iced mochas that "bom bom bom" is a top 10 pomo smash
LENNY: ok, and i will bet you another week's worth of caffeine that the clippers win 50 games this year
Ivana: done. tim virgin at whfs turned me on to the song. it's very t.rex-y. did you have fun at the kbzt show?
LENNY: honestly?
Ivana: you going to start going out to shows with me every night? we'll start with interpol at the greek tonight, aqualung tomorrow night)
LENNY: no, i am over concerted already, but i do love aqualung. i do expect to see coheed when they play lala next month. i promised to take joel gallen
Ivana: i will be babysitting you both, i guess
LENNY: excellent, concerts make me nervous. what else do we need to cover, cause todd needs me to help with his column next, i am very popular u know
Ivana: you are the william goldman of hits
LENNY: that is high praise, i am a big fan
Ivana: i am your biggest fan
LENNY: but i have to join the bidding to buy the susquehanna chain.... so, say goodnight, gracie

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