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Flora Cash- "You're Somebody Else"

Flora Cash “You’re Somebody Else” (Bee & El/RCA)

* Top 5 Modern Rock

* #1 AAA

Many people helped get this going and deserve a mention, like KRBZ’s Lazlo, KRAB’s Danny Spanks and Todd Sievers.

RCA’s Dennis Blair: “The biggest hits, it seems, are the ones that don’t fit into a particular slot. The success of ‘You’re Somebody Else’ couldn’t have happened without the band’s tireless work—a critical component to breaking a new artist. I want to thank my awesome team of Artie Gentile and the entire field staff for believing in something when this wasn’t an obvious fit. A big thank you also goes out to John Allers, who broke this out of Philadelphia and brought it to a national stage.”

WRFF Philadelphia’s John Allers: “The first time I listened to Flora Cash’s ‘You’re Somebody Else,’ I heard a special song, which, through its authenticity, distinguished itself from most of the music I hear on a regular basis. The song came across as very heartfelt, and it didn’t sound like it was composed with the hopes of getting radio airplay or a commercial sync.”

WLKK Buffalo’s Nik Rivers: “We don’t get many one-listen records in a year. I can count ’em on one hand. ‘You’re Somebody Else’ was just that—a great one-listen song. It sounded like WLKK…a record made for my radio station. And here we are, 1,500 spins later.”