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iGEN by Ted Volk
The Place Where Radio and Records come Together Without Talking

It's been quite some time since we have had a Modern Rock station in Minneapolis. In it's first month of being on the air KTWN is getting a fantastic response. One of the nice things Shazam offers is a glimpse of songs being sampled and or heard. In the case of Modern Rock there are only a few markets in America getting this type of response. Check out today's Top 20 in Minneapolis. Historically Minneapolis is a hot bed for the format and if this is a clue great things are in store for Christy Taylor and Go 96.3!

#3 Robert DeLong- "Long Way Down"

#7 George Ezra- "Budapest"

#8 Big Data- "Dangerous"

#9 Walk The Moon- "Shut Up And Dance"

#13 Milky Chance- "Stolen Dance"

#14 Yelawolf- "Till It's Gone"

#16 Milky Chance- "Flashed Junk Mind"

#19 Alt- J "Every Other Freckle"

#20 Banks- "Beggin For Thread"