John Janick and company are celebrating an absolutely dominant showing in the top-tier Grammy noms. IGA owns four of eight nominations in Album of the Year (from Verve/Interscope's Jon Batiste, Interscope's boygenius and Lana Del Rey and Geffen's Olivia Rodrigo), four of eight in Record of the Year (Batiste, boygenius, Interscope's Billie Eilish and O-Rod) and four of eight in Song of the Year (Batiste, O-Rod, Billie and LDR). Meanwhile, Interscope newcomer Gracie Abrams is among the contenders for Best New Artist.

As for the total number of noms the company has earned, well, that's still being tallied. For now, though, we are gobsmacked by this dominant and diverse showing at the top of the marquee. It's a powerful demonstration of Janick's vision of artist development and collaboration and a triumph for his team.

To celebrate this landmark moment, fries are on Steve Berman at the Apple Pan for the entire industry.