Grammy U has changed its eligibility requirements and is now open to all individuals aged 18-29 who are actively taking a path toward a career in music. It previously required participants to be enrolled in college.

"For many years, Grammy U has invested in the development of emerging young music creators and professionals by providing resources and a supportive ecosystem committed to helping them thrive in the music industry," said Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. "With this expansion, Grammy U is ensuring that membership will be more inclusive and accessible for the next generation of music creators and professionals, no matter their career path."

Here are the new requirements:

Option 1: Full-Time Student. Students must be currently enrolled in an accredited college, university or trade school full time (nine credits) and pursuing associate, bachelor's, master's or PhD degrees.

Option 2: Professional/Creative, 18-29. Professionals or creatives 18-29 years old pursuing a career in music. Students 18-29 studying at college part time or taking any certificate course or participating in any such program.

The deets are here.