Biz heads are spinning over the speed with which Republic closed the deal to sign Anitta, whose free agency was astonishingly brief. Ed Shapiro repped the Brazilian artist for legal in the deal.

This development certainly speaks to Republic boss Monte Lipman’s propensity for building an empire of deals and for moving with alacrity when opportunities arise to add another promising act to his incredibly varied roster. It’s said that Monte and Anitta manager Brandon Silverstein had notable chemistry.

We understand that UMG Brazil’s Paulo Lima and UMLE’s Jesús López also played vital roles in the process. But the MVP on the label side this time may well have been co-president and A&R badass Wendy Goldstein; insiders say that it was after meeting with the longtime Republic exec—a renowned artist whisperer—that Anitta was sold on the label. Look for Wendy to play a big role in A&Ring Anitta’s next record and to figure prominently in the effort to tee up a pop smash. She certainly has the credentials to do so, having shepherded huge projects by The Weeknd, Ariana Grande and other gems in the Republic crown.

RIMAS AND REASON: With Sony said to be working toward a deal for Rimas—the management firm and Orchard-distribbed label behind megastar Bad Bunny—there’s apparently considerable drama behind the scenes between Rimas boss Noah Assad and investor Rafael Ricardo Jiménez Dan, a Venezuelan with a majority stake in the company (who reportedly has a checkered history as a player in the Hugo Chavez regime).

Assad, according to various accounts, has been trying to buy out Jiménez Dan’s interest in the company; the relationship has soured, insiders say. Assad and Rimas are repped for legal by Oswaldo Rossi. Look for this story to heat up soon.

Meanwhile, Jason Pascal at The Orchard is said to have been crucial to the hot distribbery’s relationship with Rimas. A player at the Brad Navin-led company for nearly two decades, Pascal has made an overall investment in the Latin-music market that's paying off big-time, with acts like Peso Pluma (via George Prajin’s Prajin Parlay label) racking up big streams.

NOT “BAD”: Word has it that Sony’s deal to acquire half of the Michael Jackson catalog will be completed sometime in the next few weeks.

Reports estimating the price of this half at $800 million are said to be accurate, according to insiders, which gives the entire catalog a valuation of $1.6 billion. Most believe John Branca and team will make the value of the remaining half balloon significantly.