gamma, the big new venture led by Larry Jackson, has arrived. It's a multiplatform, multifaceted business with music, film, merchandise, fashion and Web3 components.

Music exec Ike Youssef (who worked with Jackson at Interscope), a co-founder, is president. Financial backing comes from Todd Boehly’s Eldridge Industries, Apple and indie film studio A24. The first artists to join the roster are Usher and Rick Ross. Frank Ocean has been rumored to be tangentially involved (stay tuned for updates on that front). The company has also acquired a stake in the Death Row catalog.

An Usher project, part of a co-venture between the artist and L.A. Reid, will be one of the first arrivals from the new entity.

“Whether the artist is interested in recording and distributing an album, composing new music, producing short- or long-form visual content, developing a podcast or launching a consumer-products business, gamma supports its creators with the means and resources to execute their vision," reads a statement from the newco. "Key initiatives to date include Snoop Dogg and his Death Row catalog, Rick Ross and Naomi Campbell. gamma will also collaborate with Eldridge on the growth and development of its iconic music copyrights.”

CEO Jackson, who spent seven years as Apple’s global creative director before departing in September, started gamma late last year with the acquisition of the distribution platform Vydia.

Ben Cook is president of U.K. and Europe. Scott Seviour is chief marketing officer. Nathalie Besharat is EVP of Content Operations and Breyon Prescott is of EVP of Content and Music. Eldridge’s Tony Minella and A24’s Daniel Katz will serve on gamma’s board. Mika El-Baz has been tapped as "strategic comms advisor." Yes, they're opting for lowercase there.

The undertaking got a splashy tease on both coasts the day before its launch, with gigundo billboards on Sunset Boulevard and in Times Square.