Check out a flipbook of interviews with Best New Artist nominees from our Grammy Preview: Part 3.

What does it mean to you to be included among the Best New Artist nominees?
It’s a huge honor to be recognized in music on a national level. I’m grateful to my peers to be in this position.

Your music earned a huge response on TikTok. What can you tell us about your experiences on that platform and your interaction with fans there?
It was cool to see so many different interpretations of the song by my fans. It was fun to duet with people on the app.

What has been the most surprising experience you’ve had since your record came out?
The most surprising thing was definitely getting the Best New Artist Grammy nomination. I was on tour when I found out and had no idea it was coming.

Your music brings together a very eclectic batch of styles. What were some records that strongly influenced you and shaped your outlook?
Love Deluxe by Sade, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Blue by Joni Mitchell; these all heavily influenced my album.