Is it a hookah-smoking caterpillar or are Shazammers tripping from an OD of turkey and stuffing? Turns out it’s neither—just a lot of phones being pointed at the debut episode of 1899.

The Jefferson Airplane classic “White Rabbit," which plays at the end of the debut episode of Netflix’s historical drama, has piqued the interest of Shazam users in the U.S., where it’s topped only by Internet sensation “Young Kid” (Red Cross) from indie hip-hop artist IVOXYGEN, and in the U.K., where it’s surrounded by gems of Christmas past from Mariah Carey and Wham!

TV played a role in pushing two other tracks up the Shazam U.S. Top 100: Beach House’s “Space Song” (Sub Pop) from 2015 nabbed a sync in Tim Burton’s Addams Family revisit, Wednesday (Netflix), and Swedish House Mafia’s decade-old “Don’t You Worry Child” (Astralwerks) was played during World Cup matches.

The acoustic version of Elton & Britney’s “Hold Me Closer” (Mercury U.K./RCA) arrived just in time to provide a soundtrack to mashing potatoes, making artisanal marshmallows for the yams and swearing the tofu is seasoned to taste just like grandma’s turkey.