People are listening to more music today than ever before, according to an IFPI report that collected data from 44k respondents in 22 countries.

Titled "Engaging With Music 2022," the report found that the people surveyed spend, on average, 20.1 hours listening to music weekly. That’s up from 18.4 hours in 2021—the equivalent of an additional 34 three-minute songs per week.

Moreover, 46% of respondents said they use subscription audio-streaming services. The report found that, on average, people across the globe engage with music via more than six different methods, ranging from video and audio streaming to radio, television, film, gaming and creating short-form videos.

Sixty-three percent of the time spent on short-form video apps is on clips in which music plays a central role. Seventy-three percent of respondents said they listen to radio primarily for music. And almost one in three participants (30%) used unauthorized or unlicensed methods to listen to or download music.

IFPI Chief Executive Frances Moore said that the report “shows the results of record companies’ partnership with artists and their work to harness new technologies to connect fans with their favorite tracks in even more ways," adding, "We continue our work to ensure that those seeking to profit from unlicensed and unauthorized music can’t threaten the vibrancy of a music ecosystem that is essential to artists and fans.”