At the unveiling of David Hockney’s portrait of Clive Davis at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in D.C., House Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined the industry icon for this timely photo. As of this writing we can't say if Nancy will retain the gavel in 2023, but for now we’re relishing the fact that there was no red wave, despite weeks of breathless assurances from the punditocracy that said wave was imminent. In a related story, CNN’s prediction that an Andy Warhol rendering of Walter Yetnikoff would be part of this exhibition also proved wide of the mark.

Here's a portrait of the Davis mishpuchah admiring the Clive portrait, which everyone agreed would look smashing in the den. Later, Fred stopped into the gift shop and bought the Smithsonian.

Clive is congratulated by music legend, Rock & Roll Hall of Famer and recipient of Jeff Bezos' $100m award Dolly Parton. Rumors that Dolly's first expenditure will turn Trump Tower into a "Children's Dream Center" couldn't be confirmed at presstime.

Clive was joined at the event by many art-loving well-wishers, including artist Alicia Keys, who presented him with his Portrait of the Nation award (and the smooch captured here). An attempt by a HITS staffer to bestow a similar buss was, happily, prevented by security.