QC/Motown’s Lil Baby is dominating the Apple Music charts this Flipover Friday while the latest from Red Hot Chili Peppers takes the top slot at iTunes albums.

Lil Baby It’s Only Me (QC/Motown) #1 at Apple Music albums while three of its songs are in the Top 10, beginning with “Heyy” at #1. “Real Spill” is #4 and “Pop Out” f/Nardo Wick is #9. The only album in the Top 10 in streams and sales, It’s Only Me is #8 at iTunes.

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Return of the Dream Canteen (Warner) leads a Top 10 at iTunes of all new arrivals. Alter Bridge’s Pawns & Kings (Napalm) moves to #2 and Bailey Zimmerman’s Leave the Light On (Warner Nashville/Elektra) flips the switch at #3.

Coming from anyone else, A Very Backstreet Christmas sounds like a risky encounter with Saint Nick, but since it’s the Backstreet Boys you know it’s festive and fun. Their first-ever Christmas album, on K-BAHN/BMG, is #4.

Lorna Shore’s Pain Remains (Century Media) opens at #5; the fifth album from The 1975, Being Funny in a Foreign Language (Dirty Hit) busts a gut at #6. Nothing More’s Spirits (Better Noise) haunts #7, Blue October’s Spinning the Truth Around (Part 1) (Up/Down-Brando) lands at #9, and Tove Lo’s Dirt Femme (Pretty Swede/mtheory) digs in at #10.

At iTunes songs, the reunited blink-182 cuts in at #2 with “Edging” (Columbia) and a previously unreleased song from Queen’s vault, “Face It Alone” (Hollywood) is #3.