Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. welcomed the Class of 2022 on 9/9 with a live YouTube address in which he stressed the importance of the Academy's goal to diversify its membership. It's been four years since the Academy transitioned to a community-driven and peer-reviewed annual cycle to bolster those efforts and truly represent the evolving musical landscape.

Mason was confident that the Academy has already made significant strides, touting this year's class as "younger, more diversified, more global." He pointed out that there's been a 20% increase in women joining the roster, making the Academy 77% closer to its goal of adding 2,500 female voting members by 2025. (Overall, 52% of members are men, 32% are now women and 16% preferred not to disclose.)

The Academy boss then noted that there'd been a 30% increase in people of color and highlighted the Academy's District Advocate Day on 10/6, the Black Music Collective, its support of California's rap lyrics bill and Grammys on the Hill, which was held in April.

"After years of listening, learning and putting in the work, we're beginning to see the results of our efforts to diversify the Academy's membership come to life," Mason said. "Our members are the lifeblood of this organization, powering everything we do from the inside out. When we have diverse people representing all corners of the industry contributing unique perspectives, progress is achieved at a rapid pace. The journey is just beginning, and I can't wait to work alongside our new and existing members to build on the Academy's commitment to effecting real, meaningful change."

Mason fielded a handful of questions at the end of his presentation, which outlined how the Academy will continue to make its membership more inclusive and combat systemic issues. He recognized that it's "come a long way" but also acknowledged "a lot of work to do." As Mason wrapped up, he again thanked the members and encouraged everyone to "spread the power of music." He then left to change into his ceremonial robes ahead of the next Secret Committee Meeting.