SoundExchange has unveiled a mobile app and website to provide additional tools to music creators.

The rollout begins with the app, which makes it easier to track royalty payments. The revamped website and associated portals will provide online resources for getting paid, including companies for searching, identifying and tracking music, managers for overseeing rights and payments and digital service providers to contact about fulfilling their obligations.

“The new tools, look and mobile app reflect SoundExchange’s commitment to building a fairer, simpler and more efficient music industry, said SE president/CEO Michael Huppe. "We believe creators deserve to be treated equitably and paid in line with the true value of their music. This is the first step in an exciting new chapter in our journey to support and advocate for creators. We will continue to innovate to meet the moment in the ever-changing music industry.”

Billie Eilish had props for the organization, attesting, “The work that SoundExchange does ensures that artists can focus on making music that inspires and that all members of the creative process are valued, respected and supported for their work.”

Huppe noted that SoundExchange is accelerating its efforts to embrace new technology and that receiving royalty payments will become easier in the next few months.

Does this mean we have to cross “The check’s in the mail” off our list of excuses?