Money for nothing? NFTs for free? The Chainsmokers have come up with a wild idea that no other act has dared broach: Let’s share the royalties from our new album with our biggest fans.

On 5/17 5,000 NFTs will be given away—for free—to the Disruptor/Columbia duo’s superfans. The tokens will include, among other perks, a right to a proportional collective of a 1% audio-streaming royalty from all 13 songs on So Far So Good, which comes out Friday. Royal is a partner in the giveaway.

The NFTs will also grant access to The Chainsmokers via a private Discord channel with exclusive content and other unique benefits.

The pair explained in a joint statement: “It was important for us to do it this way because this isn’t about profiting off some new tech for us; it’s about connecting more deeply with you and harnessing a new disruptive technology in an effective way that truly shows what is possible as we head toward a web3 world.”

The Chainsmokers—Drew Taggart and Alex Pall—are big on tech start-ups, Royal being a company they’ve invested in.

The two have already gathered email addresses of more than 30,000 fans via data on frequent ticket buyers, prolific streamers, repeat Discord users and through their personal networks. All are on the VIP list and being notified this week.

4,000 tokens will be available to the list Tuesday at 6pm ET/3pm PT. A half hour later, an additional 700 tokens will be available to The Chainsmokers VIP list and for general access.

Furthermore, to acknowledge that songwriters are underpaid, Taggart and Pall will distribute their 7.5% fee for every secondary sale equally among the 14 songwriters who co-wrote the songs on So Far So Good.

If you’re as baffled by NFTs as we are, Royal has provided a beginner’s guide as well as instructions for transferring or selling tokens from Royal.