THEE DETAILS: The buzz over the Megan Thee Stallion negotiations has become deafening. The hip-pop/pop phenom is preparing to deliver the final album of her 300 deal as manager/Roc Nation chief Des Perez and attorney Michael Guido continue this round of poker with Atlantic.

This one has been brewing for quite some time, according to those in the know, and at least one deep-pocketed major player is interested—just as a new Megan/Dua Lipa duet takes off and could provide a vivid TV look come Grammy time (you’ll recall Megan took Best New Artist on Music’s Biggest Night in 2021).

Just to add a bit more spice to the red-hot Megan stew, the artist is also embroiled in a litigation battle with Carl Crawford, the former MLB All-Star turned biz player whose Houston-based 1501 Certified Entertainment first signed her.

NEVER BROKE AGAIN: In other deal news, the YoungBoy NBA deal with Atlantic is also entering a critical phase as YoungBoy, too, is set to turn in the last album on his deal. Rumor has it he’ll be signing with a new label—which is hardly surprising, given the drubbing he’s given Atlantic on the socials.

YoungBoy’s busy 2022 release schedule has already included a mixtape, Colors, and a collab album with DaBaby, Better Than You. He’s promising a “final” release in March. His NBA label inked a JV with Motown last year.

ON THE HORIZON: There’s said to be considerable interest from the major-label groups in the distribution deal for Joie Manda’s Encore Records.

Which really, really big streaming act, who recently renegotiated his recording agreement and then released some not-so-gigantic streaming songs, is back at the table asking for a $100m additional advance before delivering the next album? This request has met with a lackluster response from the label side, and no short-term resolution looks close for the delivery of said album.

Meanwhile, wonderers wonder: Why is the sizable Muni Long deal taking so long to close? And what’s holding up the announcement of a huge new recording/publishing/merch deal between one of music’s biggest streaming acts and his current label?