Because we believe the human body is a beautiful thing and not a source of shame—particularly if you're a comely European rock band burning every available chart to a cinder—we present this humid au naturel portrait of Arista/Sony Latin's Måneskin. A similar shot from their Instagram feed on 10/5 appears below. Had it been posted the prior day, we would've attributed the outage of IG, Facebook, WhatsApp and your local power grid to its appearance.

As we noted recently, the quartet's version of the Frankie Valli chestnut "Beggin'" is now #1 at Alternative radio, they sold some 80k tickets for their European jaunt (hello, Kiev!) in two hours and they're streaming like a motherfucker. Their new single, "MAMMAMIA," drops on 10/8. Oh, and they recently added Ron Laffitte, who comes with his own wall of Marshall stacks, to their management team. Also, we suspect they look better naked than we do, though we can't confirm that since we haven't dared look in a mirror for about two years.

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