"Industry Baby," the latest single from Columbia's Lil Nas X (featuring Jack Harlow), has vaulted to #1 on Spotify's U.S. Top 50, joined the Top 5 of the Spot's global chart and risen to #2 on Apple Music's U.S. and global Top 100 charts (behind only the mighty Måneskin). Given this DSP dominance, label boss Ron Perry is hastening the track's move to Top 40 and Rhythm radio, with Peter Gray, John Strazza and teams on the move now ahead of the 8/3 "official" impact date. Peep the video below (it's racked up 31.3m+ views on YouTube alone thus far).

It should also be noted that "MONTERO (Call Me by Your Name)," the powerful and revealing cut that led off Lil Nas' latest run, remains in the Top 10 on both of the aforementioned Spotify charts; it was also a Pop radio #1, of course. We long ago ran out of superlatives for the career arc of the genre-defying rapper-singer-songwriter, who came out of the gate with the biggest song in the world but still found there were worlds left to conquer. We're just wondering how much longer he can plausibly be called "Lil."

He's pictured here, fittingly enough, with Spotify's Jeremy Erlich, who often takes the Old Town Road on his way to the deli, where he orders the whitefish sandwich and a Dr. Brown's.