Despite warnings from a host of leading scientists, the U.K. officially reopens today, lifting all restrictions. The Music Venue Trust has launched a campaign urging music fans to self-test before attending gigs.

More than 1,200 scientists have signed a letter warning that the U.K.’s reopening strategy could mean new variants spread rapidly around the world. On Sunday, the scientist who helped shape the U.K.’s initial coronavirus lockdown strategy, Professor Neil Ferguson, told the BBC that daily cases could soon more than double, causing a significant strain on the National Health Service.

There’s already widespread concern about staff shortages due to the number of people being asked to self-isolate via the COVID-19 app as a result of being exposed to someone who is infected. Still, the British government has forged ahead with the plan, which relies on personal responsibility rather than rules.

As a result, MVT is urging gig-goers to take a voluntary lateral-flow test before attending shows to keep themselves and those around them safe. Venues, artists and fans are being encouraged to share the campaign on social media under the hashtag #takeatest.

Music Venue Trust CEO Mark Dayvd (pictured) said: “We have spoken at length to our community about reopening venues safely as restrictions are lifted, and whilst there are differing opinions on some aspects of how we will achieve this, there is a consensus about asking music fans to accept personal responsibility to keep themselves and others safe.”