In a high-level cross-genre collaboration with little precedent, Interscope and UMG Nashville will put their combined weight behind the marketing and promotion of Kacey Musgraves’ upcoming album. The joint release is set to arrive later this year.

Given Musgraves’ artistic brilliance and wide appeal—evidenced by the slew of honors she fittingly received for her genre-transcending breakthrough album, 2018’s Golden Hours, topped by a Grammy for Album of the Year—this is a big deal. So big that the 4/20 announcement has occasioned detailed quotes from the top brass of each label.

“Kacey is one of the most powerful storytellers in music today, a true albums artist who creates potent song collections that are timeless,” said IGA ruler John Janick. “We are truly delighted to have her as part of our Interscope Records family and look forward to working alongside the UMG Nashville team and her manager, Jason Owen, to deliver this important project to audiences around the world.”

“Kacey’s unique approach to making music and her overall boundless creative presentation is innovative and absolutely exciting,” Vice Chairman Steve Berman offered. “We are so happy to welcome her into our Interscope family.”

“I have never worked with anyone whose cultural reach is so vast,” UMG Nashville topper Mike Dungan stated. “This artist and her music have thrived in so many diverse environments. Kacey, the music, and the career deserve the broadest base of experience and expertise. We have discussed some type of cross-label partnership for her music for a couple of years now, and this is the perfect fit. We’re excited to partner with our friends at Interscope on the next chapter of Kacey Musgraves.”

“Kacey’s music has never had boundaries,” label President Cindy Mabe added. “Her clever songwriting, adept storytelling, vulnerable and real emotional delivery and her overall ‘take me or leave me’ spirit have translated through genre, time, space and culture. She simply connects. As we begin to set up her new music, it made sense to once again push the boundaries to reach more fans around the world as we continue to serve the fans who have been here from the beginning.”