Irving Azoff’s new venture Iconic Artists Group has struck a deal with The Beach Boys to preserve and grow their legacy in a digital era.

Iconic has purchased a controlling interest in The Beach Boys’ intellectual property, including their sound recordings, the Beach Boys brand, select musical compositions and memorabilia. The members of The Beach Boys and their heirs will retain an interest in their assets to participate in the upside Iconic expects to realize from actively marketing and promoting The Beach Boys.

“As we look towards the upcoming 60th anniversary of The Beach Boys, we wanted a partner to help expand opportunities for our brand while continuing to preserve our tradition as a band whose music transcends time,” read a statement from Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine and the Carl Wilson estate. “We are confident that Irving and Iconic are the ideal partners and that The Beach Boys’ ongoing legacy is in the best possible hands.”

Said Azoff, “I am honored that The Beach Boys have entrusted Iconic to preserve and grow their legacy. And I’m thrilled that The Beach Boys want to stay invested in the growth of the incredible cultural brand they created.”

Irving has already begun installing a sandbox in his living room for a piano.