Troy Carter and Suzy Ryoo’s Q&A has launched a software division, Venice Innovation Labs, to allow labels to beta-test songs, manage artist rosters and distribute music.

Venice Innovation Labs’ first products are ​StreamRate​ and ​Venice for Labels.​ StreamRate is a mobile app that provides sentiment analysis of songs prior to release; Venice for Labels is an interface that enables labels to distribute music, manage their artist roster and track splits & payments. Venice also has a Premium Services team, which offers playlisting and strategic marketing.

"The launch of Venice Innovation Labs marks an important milestone for Q&A,” Q&A CEO Carter said. “We've recruited teammates from the most well-respected music and technology companies in the space, including Amazon, Spotify and YouTube.

“We’ve been at work for over a year building and learning and are excited to start rolling out innovative tools for research, distribution and roster management. We spent our careers in the music industry and understand the importance of having a human element, so we added a Premium Services team to help deliver hits and drive results."

Ray Kurzeka will oversee Premium Services in North America and Matt Ott in the U.K.

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